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Image 334 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

To make Saragossa Wine*, or English Sack**
To every Quart of Water, Put a Sprig of Rue, and to every Gallon
a Handfull of Fennell-Roots, Boil all these half an Hour,
then strain it out, and to every gallon of this Liquor, put three
Pounds of Honey, Boil it Two Hours, and Scum it well,
and when ’tis cold pour it off and turn it into a Vessel, or such
Cask that is fitt for it, keep it a Year in this Vessell and then
Bottle it-a very good Sack
4. Quart of Water }
Rue } Boil’d
Fennell Roots }
3lbs of Honey }
Cherry Brandy
To every Four Quarts of Brandy Put Four pounds of Red Cherries, Two
Pounds of Black & One quart of Raspberries, a Few Cloves. A Stick
of Cinnomon, and a Bit of Orange Peel, let these Stand a Month
close Stopp’d, then Bottle it off, put a Lump of Sugar into
every Bottle
4. Quarts of Brandy
4. lbs of Red Cherries
2. lbs of Black Cherries
1. Quart of Raspberries
A Few Cloves
a.Stick of Cinnomon
A Bit of Orange Peel.

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN