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Image 334 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

Calf Foot Jelley
Take 4. Calfs Feet } Cut them in Pieces, and put them in a Pipkin*
1.Gallon of Fair Water} close Covered, and Boil them Softly till
almost half be consumed; then run it thro’ a Scive Sieve, and
let it stand till it is Cold, then with a Knife take off the Fatt
and top and Bottom, and the Fine part of the Jelly Melt in a
Preserving-pan* or Skellet*, and put in a Pint of Rhennish Wine*,
the Jouce of Four or Five Lemons, double refine Sugar Refin’d
Sugar to your taste, the Whites of Eight Eggs beaten to a Froth,
Stir and Boil all these together near half an Hour, then
strain it through a Seive into a Jelly Bag till tis as Clear
Put into your Gilly* Bag a Sprig of Rosemary & a Piece of Lemon Peel pass it thro’ the Bag till it is as
as Water& you may cut some Lemon Peel like Threads clear as Water
and put in half lb Glasses
4.Calf Feet
1. Gallon of Water
1.Pint of Rhennish
4. Lemons Jouc’d
8. Whites of Eggs beaten to Froth
Rosemary & Lemon Peel in the Bag

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN