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Image 332 (unnumbered folio), five receipts

To Drink
1.Quart of Spring Water } Boil all these together till One
1.Handfull of Liverwort * } Half is Consumed, then put
Liquorish } } in 5. Spoonfulls of Honey
Annaseeds } } and, Boil it a Little more
Corriander Seeds } of each } Let it stand till it is Cold
Sweet Fennell Seeds} an equal } and Strain it out, and put in Two
Hartshorn* } quantity } Spoonfulls of Syrup of Gilliflowers
40. Raisins of the Sun Ston’d and Bottle it up
14. Figgs
Take Two or Three Spoonfulls morng & eveng
For Pimples For a Dropsy Dropsy
Take Wheat Flour Mingled with Honey } Bruise a Pint of Mustard seed,
and Vinegar, and lay on the Pimples } Scrape & Slice a Large Horse Reddish
going in Bed. } Root.
Scrape a Handfull of the inner
For a Cold Rind of Elder, and a Root of
Take Rosemary and Sliced Liquorish } Elecompane* slic’d, Put all these
and boil it in Small Ale, and Sweeten} into a Large Bottle, and put to
it with Treakle, and Drink it going } it a Quart of Good Stale-beer,
to bed four or Five nights together } let it Steep 48. Hours drink half
a Pint every morning fasting,
For a Cough and fast Two Hours after it
Take Tarr and drop it on the Powder of} You may fill it up once or twice
Liquorish and make it up into Pills, }
Take two every Night going to Bed }
And in a Morning Drink a Glass of }
Tarr Water that Liquorish has been }
three or Four Days Steeped in }
Do this for nine or Ten days }
together, as you find Good }

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN