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Image 327 (unnumbered folio), various recipes

Barley Gruel Pancakes
1. Gallon of Water} Boil this A Quart of Milk } Cut Apples in Slices &
½ lb Barley } altogether to 8 Eggs } Make Spoonfulls with
½ lb Raisins } half a Gallon Flour } a Slice of Apple
¼ lb Currans } a Little Ginger }
1. Blade of Mace } a Glass of Brandy}
Furmity Pancakes
1. Quart of Read Boild Wheat ½ a Pint of Cream } Beat well up
2. Quarts of Milk ½ a Pint of Sack }
¼ lb Currants 8. Eggs }
3 Eggs a Little Salt }
a Little Nutmeg ½ a lb of Fine Sugar }
Boil this together &c for Use Cinnomon }
Mace }
Butter Wheat Nutmeg }
Put your Wheat into a Sause pan, Then put in as much Flour
when it is Hot, stir in a Good as will runthin* over the Pan, and Fry them
Piece of Butter, a little Grated in Fresh Butter-Fry it Crisp
Nutmeg [?] & Sweeten it to your
Palate. Tansey
10. Eggs }
An Oatmeal Hasty Pudding a Little Salt } Mix it together
1. Quart of Water 8. oz. of Loaf Sugar }
a little Salt; when it Boils Jouce of Spinish* }
Stir in your Oatmeal untill it be a Quart of Cream }
as thick as you please 8 Ounces of White Bread } Mix it altogether
Then pour it in your Dish with a Nutmeg Grated } & Bake it Slowly
Pieces of Butter Stuck in the Pudding ¼ lb Jordan Almonds }
Jouce of Tansey }
Fritters Cl.
½ Pint Cream } Make this into
4. Eggs } a Batter
A little Brandy } & Slice Apples
A little Nutmeg & Ginger} for you
Flour }

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN