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Image 325 (unnumbered folio), six receipts

Pudding Dumpling
1. Quart of Cream }
6. Eggs } Put it in} Batter }
4. Spoonfulls of Flour} a Pudding} A Pint of Milk } Boil it
A little Salt } Poak* & } 5. Eggs }
A little Ginger } Boil it } Apples in middle}
1 lb of Prunes }
Apple Dumplings
Make good Paste. Pair good Apples
& Pair ym in Cut ym Quarters
& Roll ym up
Orange Pudding
3. Seville Oranges then Boil ym and put them in a Mortor with} Beat these up & put them
Three Quarters of a lb of Sugar } in your dish with or without
Blench* ½ lb of Sweet Almonds } Paste & Bake ym
16 Eggs }
My Wife’s Orange Pudding Cough
Gale’s ½ lb Figgs Slic’d
Grated Bread } ½ lb Raisins in the Sun Stond
Flour } Mixd A Stick of Liquorish Scrap’d & Sliced
Eggs } & Bakd A few Annaseeds & Hysop Wash’d clean
Orange Peal } Put all these in a quart of Water
Pounded in a Morter} Boil it till it comes to a Pint, then Strain it
Butter } and Sweeten it with White Sugar Candy
Take 3. or 4. Spoonfulls Morning and Evening
and when the Cough troubles you

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN