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Image 323 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

To Make Surfeit Water
You must take Scurvey Grass, Brooklime, Watercress, Roman Wormwood,
Rue, Mint, Balm, Sage, clivers,* of each One Handfull, Green Merrery*-
Two Handfulls, Poppys, if fresh half a Peck*, if dry a quarter of a
Peck, cochineal, Six pennyworth of Saffron, Six pennyworth Annaseeds*
Carraway seeds, Corriander Seeds, Cardamon-Seeds of each an Ounce-
Liquorice Two Ounces Scraped, Figgs Splitt a Pound, Raisins of the Sun
Ston’d a pound, Juniper Berries an Ounce Bruised, Nutmeg an Ounce Beat,
Mace an Ounce Bruis’d, Sweet fennell-Seeds an Ounce Bruised, a Few
Flowers of Rosemary, Mary Golds* and Sage Flowers. Put all these into a
a Large Stone Jarr, and put to them Three Gallons of French Brandy;
cover it Close, and let it stand near the Fire for three Weeks-Stir it
three times a Week, but be sure to keep it Close stopped, & then strain
it off & Bottle your Liquour, and power* on the Ingredients a Gallon
More of French Brandy -Lett it stand a Week, stirring it Once a Day
then distill it in a cold still, and this will make fine White Surfeit water.
You may make this Water at any time of the year, if you
Live at London, because the Ingredients are always to be had either
green or Dry, but it is Best to be made in Summer.
Scurvy Grass } Green Merrery. Two Handfulls
Brooklime } Poppys if dry ¼ of a Peck. If dry one Peck
Water cresses } of Each Scohineal* Six pennyworth
Roman Wormwood} a Handfull Safferon Six pennyworth
Rue } Annaseeds. Sixpence
Mint }
Balm }
Sage }
Clivers }

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN