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Image 322 (unnumbered folio), Plague Water receipt

To make Plague Water.
Roots Flowers Seeds
Angelica Wormwood Harts tongue
Dragon Suckery Horehound
Mary Wort Hysop Fennel
Mint Agrimony Meleolet
Rue Fennell St. John-wort
Carduus Cowslips Comfery
Origany Poppys Featherfew
Winter savoury Plantain Red rose leaves
Broad Thyme Setfoyl Wood-sorrel
Rosemary Vocvain Pellitory of the Wall
Pimpernell Maidenhair Harts ease
Sage Mother-Wort Centory
Fumetory Cowage Sea-drink, a good
Coltsfoot Golden-rod handfull of each
Scabeus Gromwell of the above-
Burridge Dill things
Saxafreg Gentian Root
Bittony Dock Root
xx Liverworth Butterbur Root
Jarmander Piony-root
WC Bay-berries
Eyebright Juniper Berries
Of each of these
a Pound
One Ounce of Nutmegs, one Ounce of Cloves,& half an Ounce of Mace, Pick the
Hearbs & Flowers, & Stir them a little. Cut the Roots, Bruise the berries
& Pound the Spices fine, take a Peck* of Green Wallnuts, and Chop them Small
Mix all these together, & lay them to Steep in Sack lees, or any White Wine lees
are the best if not in Good Spiritts, but Wine lees are the Best Let them lie a Week or
better, be sure to stir them once a day with a stick, & keep them close covered, then
them in an Alembick* with a Slow Fire, & take care your still does not Burn,
The First, Second & third running is Good, & some of the Fourth. Let them
stand till Cold, then put them together

Note: See glossary for all the ingredients in the list

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN