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Image 321 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

Another for the Bite of a Mad Dog
For the Bite of a Mad Dog, for either Man or Beast, take Six Ounces of
Rue clean picked and Bruised, four ounces of Garlick Pick’d and Bruis’d
Four Ounces of Venice Treakle, and Four Ounces of Filed Pewter, or Scraped Tin
Boil all these in Two quarts of the Best Ale, in a pan coverd close over
a Gentle Fire, for the Space of an Hour then strain the ingredients from the
Liquor. Give 8 or 9 spoonfulls of it to a man or Woman three mornings
Fasting. Eight or nine spoonfulls is Sufficient for the Strongest.
A Lesser quantity to those younger, or of a Weaker constitution, as you
may judge of their Strength. Ten or Twelve Spoonfulls for a Horse
or a Bullock, three, Four, or Five to a Sheep Hogg or dog. This must
be given within nine days after the Bite, it Seldom fails in Man or
Beast. If you bind some of the Ingredients on the wound, it will be
so much Better-
6 oz of Rue
4 oz of Garlick
4 oz Venice Treakle
4 oz of Filed Pewter
or Scraped Tin
2 Quarts of the Best Ale

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN