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Image 315 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

To make Strong Broth
Take Twelve Quarts of Water, Two Knockles* of Veal, a Leg or Two
Shinns of Beef Two pair of Calfs Feet, A Chicken, a Rabbet
Two Ounces of Cloves, Mace, Pepper, Salt, a Bunch of Sweet
Hearbs, cover it Close, and let it Boil till 6. Quarts are consumed:
Strain it out, and keep it for Use.
12. Quarts of Water
2. Knockles of Veal
A leg or 2. Shins of Beef
2 Pair of Calfs Feet
A Chicken
A Rabbett
2. Oz of Cloves
A Bunch of Sweet Hearbs
A Calfs Head Hash
Calfs Head being slitt and Cleansed, half Boiled and Cold, cut one Side into
thin Pieces and Fry it in Butter, then having a Tossing Pan on the Stove
with a Ragoo* for made Dishes, toss it up and Stew it together, Scotch**
the other side Cross and Cross, flour, Baste, and boil it. The Hash
being thickened with brown Butter, put it in the Dish, lay over and about
it fried Balls, and the Tongue sliced and and Larded with Bacon, Lemon Peel
and Beet root, then Fry the Batter of Egg, sliced Sweetbreads
Carv’d Sippetts* and Oyster lay in the Head, and place these on and
about the Head, and Garnish it with sliced Orange & Lemon.

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Transcribed by JW and LF