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Image 314 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

A Veal Pye
Raise an High Pye, then Cut a Fillett of Veal into Three or Four
Filletts, Season it with Savoury Spice, a Little Minc’d Sage & Sweet
Herbs & lay it in the Pye, with Slices of Bacon at the Bottem
and Betwixt each Piece, lay on Butter, and close the Pye
Cut a Fillett of Veal }
Minc’d Sage } Lay these in Layers
Sweet Herbs }
4. Slices of Bacon }
Collar’d Beef and Brawn* s d
Take a Fore Chain* of Pork. Bon’d 2:0
A Shin of Beef 1:6
A Gang* of Beef Feet 1:0
A Gang of Calf Feet 0:6
Fillett of Veal Cut into Collops and Fry’d with Butter
Brown your Pan with Butter and Flower, as you do for Soop
some Bacon cut thin and Fryed, and some Forc’d meat Balls Fry’d
some Mushrooms, Oysters, Artichokes – bottoms sldiced, Lemon
and Sweet Breads or Lamb stones* some Strong Broth, Gravy
and thick Butter, toss up all together. Garnish the Dish
with sliced Lemon
Veal – Fry’d with Butter } Put into Strong Broth
Flower } & Warm’d up in Your
Mushrooms } Hash pann for Use.
Oysters }
Artichokes }
Lemon }
Sweet Hearbs }
Lamb Stones )

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Transcribed by LF and JW