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Image 311 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

To Pickle Nasturtium-Buds
Gather your little Knobs quickly after your Blossoms are off, put
them in Cold Water and Salt for Three days, shifting them once a day
and then make a Pickle (but do not boil it at all) of some White
Wine, some White Wine Vinegar, Eschalot*, Hose-radish, Pepper
Salt, Cloves and Mace whole, and Nutmeg Quarter’d, then put
in your Seeds and Stop them Close; they are to be eaten as
A Cake
2 lb of Flour
½ lb Butter
a Little Salt
A ¼ lb & ½ of Sugar
½ lb Raisons Ston’d
½ lb Currans Ston’d
½ a Pint of Ale Yest*
Four Eggs
and as much Warm Milk as you see Convenient, Mix it well together
an Hour and a half will Bake it This Cake is Good to eat with
Butter for Breakfast
A Drink
A Cake } Take a Little Sage, Balm, Rue, Mint
A Quart of Flour } } & Penny Ryal, Syrup of Cloves &c
¼ lb of Butter } } And Black Cherry Water
¼ lb of Sugar } } Put these in the Boiling* & Strain it
3 Eggs } } off for Drinking
Creem or Milk }
to Mix in a Paiste }

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Transcribed by JW and LF