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Image 309 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

To Cure a Pimpled Face
Take an Ounce of live Brimstone* as much Roch Allam*, as much
common Salt White Sugar Candy Two Drams*, Sparma Ceti* Two
Drams, Pound and Sift all these into a Fine Powder, and put
it in a Quart Bottle, then put to it half a Pint of Brandy,
three Ounces of white Lilly Water and three Ounces of Spring Water
shake all these well together, and keep it for Use. When you Use
it shake the Bottle, and Bathe the Face Well, and when you go to
Bed – dip Rags in it, and lay it all over the Face, in 10. or 12.
days it will perfectly cured.
Brimstone an Oz }
Roch Allam Oz }
Common Salt Oz } Powder’d
White Sugar Candy. 2. Drams }
Sp Ceti 2. Drams }
Half a Pint of Brandy
3. Ozs. Of White Lilly Water
3. Ozs. of Spring Water
For a Scurvey and Dropsey
Stamp and Strain the Jouce* of the Leaves Elder, and to a Quarter of a Pint
of Jouce put as much White Wine, Warm it a Little and Drink it off,
And this for four or Five Mornings together – If it purges you it will
certainly do Good – Take this in the Spring
Jouce of Elder Leaves
White Wine

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Transcribed by JW and LF