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Image 307 (unnumbered folio), three receipts

An Excellent Receipe for the Cure of Colds
Take of Venice Treake* half a Dram*
Powder of Snake Root 12.Grains*
Powder of Saffron 6. Grains
Volatile Salt of Hartshorn* 4. Grains
Syrup of Cloves a Sufficient Quantity to make it into a Bolus*, to be
taken going to Bed, drinking a Large Draught of Mountain Whey*
after it, those who can’t afford Mountain Whey after it
those who may Drink Treakle Possett.
To such Constitutions as can’t be provoked to Sweat –
opening a Vein or a Gentle Purge will be of great Service
For a Dropsy
Bruse a Pint of Mustard Seed }
Scrape & Slice a Large Horse-Raddish-Root }
Scrape a Handfull of the inner Rind of Elder }
A Root Elecompane Sliced }
?Place Put all these into a Large Bottle, and put to it a Quart of
good Stale Beer, let it Steep 48 Hours, drink half a Pint every
Morning fasting, and Fast Two Hours after it. You may fill it
up once or twice
To Make Lipsalve
Take a Quarter of a pound of Alkermes-Root* Bruis’d }
And half a Quarter of a pound of Fresh Butter }
As much Beas Wax }
& a Pint of Clarett }
Boil all these together a pretty while, then strain it, and
let it stand till ’tis Cold, then take the Wax off the top, and Melt
it again, and pour it Clear from the Dreggs into your Gallipotts*
or Boxes, use it when, as often as you please

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Transcribed by JW and LF