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Image 306 (unnumbered folio), four receipts.

For the Scurvey
Take a pound of Guaiacum-Bark*, and half a pound of
Sassafras*, and a quarter of a pound of Liquorish, Boil all
these in Three Quarts of Water till it comes to three pints –
and when it is cold put it in a Vessel with Two Gallons of Ale
in 3. or 4. days it is fit to drink for 6. or 12. Months
according to the Violence of the Distemper* it will certainly Cure
For a Cold. Dr Ratcliffs Receipt
Make some Sack Whey* with Rosemary Boil’d in it, Mix a Little of
it in a Spoon, with Twenty Grains of Gascoin Powder*, then Drink
half a Pint of your Sack Whey, with Twelve drops of Spiritts of
Hartshorn* in it; go to Bed, and keep warm; do this Two or Three
Nights together
For a Cold –
Rosemary Take Rosemary, and Sliced Liquorish, and Boil it in Small Ale
Liquorish Sweeten it with Treakle*, and Drink it going to Bed four or Five
Treakle Nights together –
or For the Scurvey or Dropsye*
Honey Stamp and Strain the Jouce* of the Leaves of Elder, and to a Quarter
of a Pint of Jouce put so much White Wine, warm it a Little and
drink it off – And do this for Four or Five Mornings
together – If it purge you it will certainly do good
Take this in the Spring –

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Transcribed by LF and JW