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Image 304 (unnumbered folio), five receipts.

Children require a smaller quantity of Ointment in Proportion
to their Age and they need only be purged three Days with
Syrup of Rubarb, – During the time of the Cure, all sour
or acid things must be avoided, and nothing eaten but what
is easey of Digestion, and then it is no Matter of what kind
the Ailment is Whites Paper Sepr 1. 1764
For a Stranguary*
Take Three Spoonfulls of the Jouce of Cammile in a Small Glass
of White Wine, thrice a day – for Three days together.
Mary Threlkelds Cure for the Asmay*.} {Snake Root
A Gill of Honey } {Schuchoneal*
Liquorus Powder } {Gum Guacum – An Oz
Garlick } {Rum, or Brandy a quart
Allicompain Powder } {Shaking it & Setting it by the Fire.
Brimstone* }
Sorrell } Cordial*
Water Cress } { Snake Root – 2 * } Put together
Brooklime } { Gum Guacum 1. Oz } a Very Good
Spring Survey Grass* } { Liquorus } Cordial –
Dandy Lyon } { Garlick } A Table Spoonfull
} { Allicompain } Every Morning
Jouc’d for the } { A Pint of Honey }
Scurvey }
Horehound }
Agrimony } Tea
Penny Ryall } *

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Transcribed by LF and JW