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Image 303 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

An Easy, Short, and certain Method of healing Persons bit by
Mad Animals by Glaude de Choisel of the Society of Jesus
Apothecary to the Mission of Pondicherry* in the East Indies
Take of Crude Quick Silver three Drams extinguished in a Dram
of Turpintine choice Rhubarb Coloquintida* in Powder, and
Gutta Gamba* of each two Drams make them into a Mass
for Pills, with a Sufficient Quantity of Honey
The Dose is a Dram
Take and- Ounce or Crude Quick Silver killed with two Drams of
Turpentine, of Mutton Suet (or Hogs Lard) three Ounces and
make an Ointment, The Quantity to be Rubbed into the the Part
affected is a Dram
You must begin the Cure by Rubbing a Dram of the
Ointment into the wounded Part, keeping the Wound open as
much as you can, that the Ointment may penetrate into it more
easily – the next Day the Ointment must be repeated again
in the same Quantity, and the same Manner, and the Patient
must be purged with a Dram of the Mercurial Pills. This
last Course must be continued for 10. days, then a Dram
of the Pills must be given again, after which the Patient
must be dismiss’d. The above Method must be pursued
when the Patient applies to you immediately on his being
bit, but if not till 15 – or 20. Days after, the Dose of the
Medicine must be increased and continued for a Longer time.

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Transcribed by JW and LF