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Image 299 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

Plague Water – Take
Rosa-Solis* } Angelica-roots }
Agrimony } Penny Ry Peony Roots }
Betony } Tormental Roots } of Each One Oz
Scabious } Ellicompane roots }
Centaury-tops } Liquorish }
Scordium }
Balm } Cutt the Herbs, and Slice the Roots, and put them
Rue } all into an Earthen Pott, and put to them
Wormwood } a Gallon of White Wine, and a Quart of
Mugwort } Brandy – a* Lett them steep two days
Celandine } close Cover’d, then Distill it in an Ordinary
Rosemary } Still with a Gentle Fire – You may
Marygold leaves } Sweaten it but not much
Brown Sage }
Burnett }
Carduus & Dragons }
Each a Handfull
Book the Compleat Huswife or Accomplished Gentllewomans Companion*
by E. Smith
Seventh Edition – Sold by J. Pemberton at the Golden Buck
against Saint Dunston’s Church in Fleetstreet 1736 WP
Miss Swalles Price Five Shillings Miss Swalles

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Transcribed by JW