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Image 295 (unnumbered folio). 3 receipts

Dr Green Betty Banson*
A Try’d* Drink for the Scurvey Married to
A Quarter of an Ounce of Ivery Shavings* } Robert Storey
A Quarter of an Ounce of Hartshorn Shavings } Cooper
A Quarter of an Ounce of Fennell Seeds }
Half an Ounce of Sassafrass } Dr Green
Two Ounces of Guaicum } For Betty Banson
One Ounce and a half of Liquorish Stick }
Two Ounces of Quick Silver }
Ty’d up in a Linnen Cloth and to hang Suspended in the Water
During the Boiling
The Fennell Seed, Liquorous Stick Sliced, Sassafrass
must be put in when half Boil’d. To this Quantity put four
Quarts of Wate Water and let it Boil down for Use
For Removing a Pain – or Scurvy
A Handfull of Rue } Boil’d in Three pints of Water to One
A Handfull of Salt }
Then strain it well off – and take Two Table Spoonfulls
in the Morning Fasting and Three Spoonfulls in the afternoon
pr Patt Fell – A Remady after the Doctors gave the Ladie’s over*
Pat Fell* {Dandy Lyon** } {Brimstone as much as will
{Scurvy Grass } {ly on a Sixpence & a Tea –
{Sorral } Jous’d* {Cup of Milk in the Morning
{Watercresses } {Cur’d the Breaking out of
{Scurvy Grasse. } {Pat Fells Legg

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Transcribed by JW and LF