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Image 294 (unnumbered folio) 3 receipts

To Pickle Onions
Take Boiling Water power* upon Onions
Then make Ready a mug of milk & Water
Then Skin your Onions into it
Then take a Pan of Water, when Boiling with Salt,
Then put your Onions in – let them Boil Three Minutes –
Strain then Thro’ a Cullander
Then dry them with a Cloth
Then put them into your Bottles, with Distill’d Vinegar
White pepper – Mace – Ginger
Be Sure you always keep them Cover’d with Vinegar
A Water for Soar Eyes Mr Handley a Surgeon
Take Four ounces of Bole Armoneck* } in Newcastle –
2. Ounces of Camphyre * } (Ingredients) by Miss Hudson
1. Ounce of Bitter Almonds }
(Beat them very fine)
a Gallon of Soft Water, Boil’d as for Tea in an Earthen Mugg, untill
Cold – put the Mixture into a Large Bottle Shake it Three
Times a day for Fourteen days – Then draw off the
Clear for Use, and keep it well Cork’d – the Older it
is the Better
Turpintine Drops for the Wind
From 13. Droppes to 30 is taken for Three mornings Successively
of[?] Patt Fell

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Transcribed by LF and JW