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Image 293 (unnumbered folio), four receipts

To make Custard
Take half a Pint of New Milk – A Handfull of Bitter Almonds
A Stick of Cinnomon – Boil it till it taste Strong of them –
both – then Strain it into a Pint of Creem – then take Four Eggs
leaving out the Whites of Two – Sweeten it to Taste
Set it on a Slow Fire – be sure not to let it Boil – when it is
thick – Take it off and put it into Cupps with Almonds stuck
in it – (You may beat Almonds and put in it)
To make French Fretters
Take a Gill of Water
Then Mix it with Flour
Then Boil it to a Stiff Paste, & let it stand all Night
Then Beat it Smouth
Take Three Eggs
Beat fine a Little Nutmeg
Sweetening it to your Taste
Then Beat all together
Then take half a pound of Hoggs Lair*
& put it into your Hashpann, and let it Boil
Then Drop them in the Seive Size of a Nut
Lett them Boil till Hard
Then put them in your Dish (This is a side Dish
For a Dumpling
Currans 1lb/or Oz } This mix’d up }
Raisons 1lb } with Eggs } Syrrup of Elders
Rozen* 1lb } & Boild } Exceeding Good for the
Suet 1lb } Feb. 29. 1764 Scurvey and Asthmay
Flour 1lb Also
For to Drink {Brooklime* } }
every morning {Water Cresses } Joic’d* }
in the Spring {Scurvey Grass } }

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Transcribed by JW and LF