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To make a Plumb Cake without Yest
Beat 4 lb of Fresh Butter to a Cream with your Hand, Beat &
Sift 2 lb of Fine Sugar dry it well Mix the Sugar and Butter
well together, then take 4 lb of Flower Dry’d well mix it with
the Sugar and Butter put in a Pint of Sack, take 32 Eggs the
Yolks and whites Beaten Seperately with whisk the Whites till they
come to a Curd which will take half an Hour, Mix the
whites first with the other things and then the yolks, then
take 4 lb of Currans* well Wash’d, pick’d, dry’d & Plumb’d**
Mix them Hot, have ready a lb of Almonds Blanch’d
and shav’d* Longways very thin Mix them with your
other Ingredients, Then add half an ounce of Mace & as
much Nutmeg Beat & Sifted, put in what Sweetmeats
you please have all ready before you begin to Mix them,
Keep it Beating till you put it in the oven, put Sheet
of Brownpaper at the Bottom of your Hoop
After it is risen and Colour’d, Cover it with a Sheet
of paper before you Stop the Oven, Let it stand 3. Hours
then Glaize* it
Ed Wh*
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