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Image 288 (Unnumbered folio), 3 receipts.

To Pickle Red Cabbage
Take Cabbage that is a Deep Red, Shave it with a Knife
Take good Vinegar, White pepper, and Black, with Cloves
and some Rice Ginger*, a Good Handfull of Salt, let it
Steam a little while; and be sure let it not be too tender
so put it up for your use.
To Pickle Cowcumbers*
Boil Vinegar with pepper and Mace and Pour it Hot on them
but let your Cowcumbers be first put into an Earthen Vessell –
with a Sufficient quantity of Salt, then Boil the Vinegar
as first mentioned, and when it has stood 24. Hours, Boil
it again and Pour it on them, and so do till they look Green
To Pickle Girkins*
Take a dry Cloth and Rub them & put ym into your Jarrs
and Boil as much Salt and Water as will cover them, let it
stand all Night, put a little Allam* into your First Pickle
and pour it off & put Fresh Salt and Water and Boil your
Pickle Once a day lett them stand till Green – take Black
pepper a Little Raw Ginger as much as will cover them
put them into your Jarr, tye ym Close up and let them stand

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Transcribed by LF and JW