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Image 286 (unnumbered folio), two receipts.

Take Conserve of Hipps* 2. Ounces, Flower of Brimstone* One Ounce
Balsam of Sulphur annisated* 40. Dropps, Syrrop of Dialthea*
a Sufficiant quantity to make it into an Electuary*, Take the
quantity of a Nutmeg at Pleasure Drinking after it a Draught
of the following Pectoral Decoction*
Take Grundivy*, Coles=foot, Hysop, Maidens Hair
of each One Handfull, Figgs, Raisons, each 2. Ounces Liquorice
Stick orrice Root each 2. Ounces, Spring Water 3. Quarts*
Boil the Three Quarts to 3. Pints
P T: Umfreville *
A Receipt to make Goosberry Wine
Take 12. Dozen of Ripe Gooseberrys, Bruse ym in a mortor then
put to them 56 Quarts of Water let them stand a Night & a day
Strain out all the Gooseberrys and put the Liquor through
a Hair Sive then through a Wollen Bag [put a Little Yest to it]
next morning draw it off, and put to every 12. Quarts of
Liquor 8. lbs of Sugar let it stand till night, take off the
Scum and draw it of and put it into your Cask Stir the
Sugar in it till it be all melted.

Abbreviations are underlined like this Wm. and the expansion may be seen by moving the cursor over it.

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Transcribed by LF and JW