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Image 283 (unnumbered folio), two receipts

To make Bitters
Gentian } Nutmeggs }
Zedoary* } Mace } of each
Galangal* } of each } Cloves } 1 dram
Sweet Cane* } 2 Drams }
Winters Bark* }
Roman Wormwood* }
Saffron }
You must cut the Roots very Small and Break
the Saffron into Small Pieces, Grate and Beat the Nutmegg
and then put them into a Bottle with Three Gills of Strong
White Wine & let it stand by the Fire for a Week, Shaking
the Bottle often
Lipsalve Benjamin
* ¾ of a pound of Beas Wax A Sweet Gum from Java
1lb of Butter unsalted Storax
2 penny Worth of Apples A Fragrant Syrian Gum
a Pint of White Rosewater Madder (Root)
Benjamin Storax A Plant with a Red Root Serving
6oz of Alkennett Root* to Collour with to dye Wooll
6oz of Double Refine Sugar Alkanet (Root)
Strain’d thro’ a Flannell Spanish Bugloss
Lay the Unsalted Butter into a Pint of Rosewater
Stew the Apples in Benjamin, Storax, Alkennett Root to Collour with
Strain’d thro’ a Flannell

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Transcribed by JW and LF