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Image 281 (unnumbered folio), four receipts

To make a Rice Cake Rice Cheese Cakes
6 oz Ground Rice } ½ a lb Powder Rice boild in Milk
6 oz Flour } till quite Thick Stir’d all the time
1 lb Powder Sugar } When boil’d
9 Eggs Well Beaten } ½ lb Butter & Sugar to the Taste
A Few Carraway Seeds } with Nutmeg and the Tast while hot
10 Eggs leaving out 3 Whites
Beat it, an Hour & half } ¼ lb Almonds & Beaten not too
will Bake it } fine
Rect for the Flux
Octobr, 1758
Take One Gill of Brandy } to be Bett* } } {a little Horse Reddish }
Four eggs } in the Brandy } } {An Ounce of Mustur’d* Bruis’d }
One Dram of Cinmamon {Bet.] } {Taken in a glass of White Wine
¼ lb of Loaf Sugar } {A glass every morning
½ lb of Fine Flour } Novr 29. 1758
Made all up into a Dumpling and } Ten Potts Fell*
Boil’d Four Hours, Then Stir’d } Consumtion
and Dry’d and Bet to a Powder }
and take a Large Spoonfull Boyl’d }
in half a Gill of milk }
or a Gill of New Milk }
To Make Fish Sause
Take a Lobster and Cut it Small with the Boddie,
Melt your Butter and put it in with
A Spoonfull of Red Wine
A Spoonfull of Catchop*
with an Anchove cut Small
The same way for Shrimps

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Transcribed by JW and LF