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Image 280 (unnumbered folio), receipt continued from 279, three other receipts

lights with your hand and Cover it with a warm Linnen
Cloth and Sett it to the Fire to Rise for half an Hour
and then have One pound of Candyed Citern*, a pound and
& Lemon
a half of Orange Peele Shred all this as Small as dice
and when the Cake hath laid half an Hour before the Fire
work in the Sweet Meats. Butter the Hoop & take Three
Sheets of Strong whitish papers together and Butter the
uppermost and put in the Cake and put it into the Oven
the Oven must be a Good Soaking* Oven but not too
Soaking This Cake will Ask Three hours Baking
Scuthoneal* } For a Cold
a Soare Throat Snake root* } or Feaver
Brandy }
Mustard } Mixed to take every Morning
Vinegar } before you go out
& Honey } to Gargle for Throats
Plumb Cake. 17. April. 1755 Bitters for Cold
Currans 7lb {Snake Root 1
Ston’d raisons 1 ½ lb {Scuthoneal 1
Flour 6lb {the Rind of Civile Orange* 4
Butter 4lb {Saffron 1
Eggs – 24 {put up in Brandy
Powderd Sugar. 3lb {for to take in a
Cloves ¼ oz {Cold morning
Nutmeggs – 1 oz {or in White Port Wine
Lemon & Orange Peale 1lb {to take in the Fore &
Cinnomon Water One Pint {afternoon
(Some Good Strong Yest)

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Transcribed by KS and GB