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Image 279 (unnumbered folio), one receipt

How to make a Plumb Cake
Take a Peck* of Fine Flour and dry it in an oven and when it is
Cold Rub in 4. Pound of butter you must Rub it so fine that it
may feel like grated Bread then have Ten pound of Currans clean
Wash’d & Rubb’d in a Cloth very dry and Two pound of Raisons*
of the Sun Ston’d and Shred fine and Two pound of Almonds
past Rub it into the Flour and Two Ounces of Cinnamon
Beaten, half an Ounce of Mace. an Ounce & an half of
Nutmeg grated, a quarter of an Ounce of Cloves, Six Grains* of
Ambergrease* rubed in a Morter with a Piece of Loaf Sugar Beaten
and Sifted put all these things in the Flour with a Little Salt
Mix ym very well, take 16 Eggs take away Six of the Whites
beat them very well, One quart* of Good Ale yest the yest must
not be too Light for then it may deceive you and not make the Cake
Light and putt the Eggs and yest together and Strain them into the
Flower making a Hole in the middle, then take One Pint of
Good Cream, a Pint of Rosewater in a Skellett* by themselves
and the Cream by it self but not too hot for then it will make
the Cake heavier – First strain the Cream in, then the Sack* will
make it too light and Rosewater but if you See that all the
Sack will make it too light then keep out some of it
It must be made into a Little Paste work it up Light

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Transcribed by KS and GB