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Image 270, seventh book, folio 142b, four unnumbered receipts

To heale a scald* head
Take oyle olyffe*, and put it into a dish
with faire watter and beate or stire
them well together, as you would make
butter then take it up and put it into
a vessall* and put powder of brimstone**
and may butter* and make anoyntment
therof, where with anoynt the sore head
and doubtlesse it will heale it.
That scalding or burning
be not seene and
to heale it speedily
Take sheepes suet or borse grease* and sheeps
donge, and the inner rinde of Elderne* ??
and alehofe* and boyle them altogether
then straine them through a course canvas cloth
and so keep it in some vessell cleane, when
you use any of it take some of it and melt
it in a sacer or some other thing and
lay it on the burned place with a feather
A noteable healp for the
Take the whitest frankensence* mad in very fine
powder and mingle some of it in wine and drink
it, if it be could wether wine is best but if it be
hot wether it is best in watter wherein raisons
hath bine sod the best time to take this drink
is at the increase of the moone at the rising
and setting of the sunne this doth marvilously
help and increase the memory and is profit-
able for the braine and the stomack
To help the palsey*
Take lavender seeth it well in watter and then
straine it and drinke half a pint first and
last for the space of a fortnight and it will

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Transcribed by JM and CW