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Image 269, seventh book, folio 142a, four unnumbered receipts

To stop the blody fluxe* .fo.142.
Take yarrowe and plantine* of each a like much
stamp* them well together and put thereto red
wine and straine it well together, and drinke
a good draught therof first and last three or
fower days together and sertainly it will stay
it, it is an easie and pretiouse thing
A notable medisone for the
Take Oxe dung and pigions dunge of ether one
pound and mixe them well together with one pot
tle* of white wine, and let them boyle together un=
till halfe the wine be consumed, then straine it thro
through a linen cloth then put therto half a pound
of hony and twelve yolks of eggs, and half a
pound of melted waxe and mixe altogether wth
as much barly meale as will suffice for the mak
ing of it into a plaster, and put it hot to the
painfull place; this hath bine proved very true
An excellent thing for the
palsey* and goute
Take the bones of beastes which be found in the
feelds and cheefly of horses because they be best
therfore, let them be well washed: after let them
be dryed at the sun, then put them into a great
cawdron of watter and let them seeth long
and gather the fat that swims above, where
with anoynt the gowt or palsey of what so
ever cause they come and it will be helped
To plucke out thorns prickes
or any other thing out of
the body or any part
Take blacke sop* a plyed to the place letting
the same lye therto twelve hours without
removeing the same

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Transcribed by JM and CW