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Image 268, seventh book, folio 141b, three unnumbered receipts

A precious thing to brake
the stone*
Take the roots of red netles and make
them in powder and drinke a sponfull of
the powder in a draught of whit wine
something warme, and it will break the
stone thought it be never so great and
that with speed; use it every day untill the
stone and the gravill be all broken and consumed
A thing of small price and great vertue proved
A sure medison* to take away
the greefe and eldest paine of the
hed head that is
it must be that Take the Iuce* of ground Ivie*, and snufe* it up
Ivie that hath into the nose out of a spoone or a sawcer, It
white ribs purgeth the head mervailously and taks away
the greatest and eldest paine therof that is
This medison is worth golde though it be
very cheap I have known them that have had
mervilous paine in there head the space of
a dosen years and that intollerable and this
hath helped them presently, and never had
the paine since they tooke this medicine
To cure perfitly the blacke
Take earth wormes slit and cleansed and washt
from there slimy and earthly matter, half a
dosen of them at the least and cut them in
peeces or choped and a good messe of pottag or
watter gruell mad with Otemeale and watter
the worms being boyled in it, so much every
day eaten, for the space of twelve dayes or
longer: no doubt it will perfitly cure them
though it be never so longe rooted or though
it be thought past cure, or else if you gather
them in march or any time when you can get
them and clense them as before and drye them
and make powder of them, and take a sponefull
in any drinke a litte draught doth likewise
perfectly cure the same: this is very true and hath
bine often proved it hath helpte some in.4.or.5.

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Transcribed by JM and CW