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Image 267, seventh book, folio 141a, six unnumbered receipts.

for the headach .fo.144.
Take two little peces of nutmeg being diped in
aquavita and put into each nostrell and lye on
your bed a while
for the black or yallow ganders*
Take sheeps donge and steep it in alle and drinke
it or dry it and use the powder if you have not
the powder then new mad and drinke it fast
posset ing fower mornings together
for a fellon* aproved
Take halfe a handfull of brocklime* as much of
herbe grace* and as much of pellitory* of the
wall, as much of smalledg* a little rustic* ba=
con and .ij. or .iij. snails stamp all thes together
very well and so aply it to the sore
for deaffnes or paine in the
take earth worms and fry or boyle them in
goose greace then straine it a little therof droped
warme into the deafe or pained eare doth help
the same you must use it half a dosen tims
at the least; this is proved
To heale a wen*
Take som unslacked* lime and make it into pow
der and mix it with black powder sope and
anoynt any wene ther with and the wen will
fall a way and when the roote is com out an=
oynt it with oyle of balme and it will heal it
An excelent receit for the
tooth ach
take Jue[?] berys and vinneger and boyle them well
together, sup som of the lickor and when it is could
spit it out and sup more therof who so ever doth
thuse it helpeth the tooth ach;

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Transcribed by JM and CW