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Image 265, seventh book, folio 140a, four unnumbered receipts

An excelent watter for a sore .fo.140
mouth and to fasten the teeth
when they be losse*
Take ground ivie*, that ive which hath white ribs
and the tops of bryery* leavs, those that bere the
blacke and red bery it grose in hedges, and
woodbine leavs that growse willde, and the roots
of wild dases*, cutting a way the beards and all
the flowers and leavs, of each of these herbs a
little handfull and pound them and then put
in a quarter of a pint of anniseed watter and
pound the hearbs with the watter a while then
straine it through, a cleane cloth and put it
in a violl* and keepe it for your use; take a
little of it in a spoone and put it in your mout
mouth and hould it to the gums a prety whill
and then spett* it out do so morning and even
in and in short time you shalbe whole
for a stuffing or a consumcion
Take three pints of new milke and.9.or.10.clovs
of garlicke, bruse the garlick as it boyleth then
put in.2.ounces of brown sugger candy finly beat
ten stiring of it till it be nere could after the gar-
lick be very tender sod*, you must drinke nere half
a pint at night when you goe to bed for a fort
night together;a proved,
for the stoping of urine
Take a pint of white wine a good sponfull of
parsliseed* brused small boyle it well on a saft
fire, then straine it and sweeten it with.3.or.4
spoonfull of the sirrop of marchmallowes and
drinke one halfe at a time
for the worms
Take some gunpowder and dry it and beat it to
fine powder then serce* it and put as much as as
will ly on a groat* in a little posset drinke or
beare* and give it in the morning fasting

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Transcribed by JM and CW