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Image 264, seventh book, folio 139b, five unnumbered receipts

For a scaldhead*
Take oyle of roses; Juniper oyle of each
halfe an ounce, quick Brimstone pigoons*
dung; verdigree* of each.3.drag.** a little
waxe melt them together
An other for a scald
Take tow handfulls of red sage and a little
salt beat them very small temper* it with
hogs greace, and vineger, let it boyle well
and a noynt the sore
An other aproved salv for
a scald head
Take butter that is burnt black, soot and
salte a like much stire them well a mongst
the butter untill the butter be stife, anoynt
the scale: every day or every other day wash
the head with ley* or cowpis*
for the head ache
Take in little peeces of nutmeg being diped in
a quavite* and put into each nostrell and
ly on your bed a whill
for deaffnes or paine in the
Take earth worms fry them in goose grease
then straine it, and drop a little thereof warme
into the deaffe or pained eare doth help the sam
you must use it hafe a dozen tims at the least
this is true

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Transcribed by JM and CW