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Image 263, seventh book, folio 139a, five unnumbered receipts

Mrs Ofields receit* for the kings
evell*{*] .fo.139
Take halfe a pint of sallet oyle a qaurter of a pound of
whit lead and a quarter of a pound of castlesoap* boyl
them together till it come to the thicknesse of a salve, with
with this annoynt the place affected if it be not broken
Iff it be broken you may wash it with warme vergese*
and anoynt it with neats foot oyle*, but be sure it be
freash without any salt whilst you a ply ether of these
you must take a watter to keep your body solluble
The purging drinke
Take a quarter of a pound of french barly and set it on
on the fier with water and let it boyle a little then pour
a way that watter and put and put in a pottle of water
more and an ounce of licorishe sliced annisseeds on spoon
full, sliced figgs half a pound boyle these together and mixe
with it some mell rosarom* to sweeten it;
They must forbeare aa eating of py crust or pudding or any
stuffing meate
Mrs Dormers receits for an
itch itch
Take elecampaine seeth it in creame and an
oynt with it, or seeth the roots of elecampane
in butter and milke; and when they be mellow
and sod to pape*, then temper** some salt a
mongst it and use it
for a dry Itch
Take som egs put out the whites and yelks
cleane, set the shels in some cole* place where
no dust cometh to them, and ther will
gather a watter in the shels, which you must
put in a glase and anoynt the itch with it
another for the itch
or sore head
take Turpintine.2.ounces and wash it well
with watter, fresh butter one ounce washt well
half an ounce of salt finly powderd on oring*
beaten all to peeces and wrong out hard the
yelke of.3.new layd egs, oyle of roses half a non
nounce*, temper them altogether by a soft fire and
a noynt the itch or scb scabed places

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Transcribed by JM and CW