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Image 262, seventh book, folio 138b, three unnumbered receipts

An excelent pouder to eat
dead flesh out of any sore
what ever
Take a quarter of a pint of the strongest
a quavite you can get, and a quarter of
a pint of the best whitwine vineger you
can get, and as much roch allom* as the
bignesse of a great wallnutt or somewhat
more, and beat it to powder and put
them alltogether into an earthen sace pan
and so boyle it till all the moyster* be consumed,
and when it blubbereth in the boyling it is inough
so keep it for your us* you must put a little in
the sore wher the dead flesh is or if you desire
to make an isue where you would have it lay
som of the powder and bind it down hard with
a pease on it and it will eat a hole this hath
bine proved you must make it into fine powder
before you us it;
A good watter to kill a ringworme
or tetter
Take a great handfull of sallendine* leaves and
stalks and pound it in a mortar and in the pound=
ing put in a quarter of a handfull of cleane bay
salt* that never touched fish and when it is pound=
ed inough the straine out all the ioyce* and put
it in an earthen pipkin* and let it boyle till the
scime rise thicke then straine it from the skime
and keepe it for your use, when you us any of it
poure out a little into a sacer* and warme it and
then washe the sore with it
For an itch to kill it
Take some oyle of bayes and som fresh butter and
brimston pounded and sifted through tiffiny* or
lane* and som ginger finly powdered, and some
elycompaine* roots dryed and grated to powder
and mingle all this together and anoynt the party
by a good fier and lay them warm to bed do this
3 severall nights at least and shift no lining* next
them for a fortnight at least

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Transcribed by JM and CW