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Image 261, seventh book, folio 138a, three unnumbered receipts

An excelent watter to wash the .fo.138
scabs or tetters* before you us this
Take a dozen orringes cut them in peeces and put
them in a gallon of watter and an ounce of mercur
cury sublimat* to it, put it in a great glase which
must not be full by a good deale and so sett your
glase in a kettle of watter and so lett it boyle well
the watter and orriges* must boyle a pretie whille
before you put in the mercury then put it in and
so let them boyle all together till you thinke it well
then take it of the fire and pore out the clearest
and keepe it for your use, you must wash the
scaby place a little with the watter and then wipe
it dry and then anoynet* the sore places with
the oyntment;
A very good poultise for any
swelling what so ever
Take a pinte of milke and set it on the fire
then take as much crums of white bread
as will make it thick inough for a poultis
when it is sod* inough take it of the fire
and put in an ounce of turpintine which
must be washed first with plantin* watter
and one spunfull of linceed oyle and stire
it well together and so lay it to the swel-
ling as hot as may be suffered
An aproved medson for
a sprain
Take the white of a egge and beat it well with
the strongest hot watter you can get and then
put in a little fine wheat flower and so aplye
it to the place sprained could and roll it with
a roller;

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Transcribed by JM and CW