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Image 260, seventh book, Folio 137b, two unnumbered receipts

A very good oyntment for scabs itch
tetters* or leprosie or any breakinge
out learned of Mr William Whit-
Take of the purest cappons* grease you can get
that wch is taken of the gutts is the best and
frye it very well, half a pound of it and
put it in a pipkin* with a pint of faire wa-
ter and let it boyle together a little to clar-
ifie it, then take it of the fire and poure
it through a cleane cloth into a basson*
or earthen pane* and when it is could
take it clean of the watter, then put
it in a pipkin very well nealed* and boyle
it an houre with good store of Sinnomon*
broken into smale peeces then to halfe a
pound of that grease take a quarter of
a pound of the blackest pitch you can gett
and halfe a quarter of a pound of the
best beese waxe and put them together
in the pipkine and let it boyle a bout
halfe an houre or lese* still stiring it while
it is on the fire then take it of and straine
it through a cleane cloth and keep it for
a pretiouse oyntment, you must anoynt
the scabs with it once a day at lease
An excellent watter to wash the
scabs or tetter before you use this
oyntment aboue* writen
Take a dozen Orenges cut in slices and put
into a gallon of watter ading thereto an ounce
of mercury sublymate* boyle it to the consumtion
of half the watter it cureth the itch and mine
genese* of the body, let it boyle first with in a glase in
ballmio maria*

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN