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Image 259, seventh book, Folio 137a, one unnumbered receipt

An excelent receite learned .fo. 137
of Sergent Church to make
a fatt man or woman leane
aproved by many of good
Take 2 ounces of very good lofe sugger and beat
it to fine powder then take an ounce of brim-
stone and beate it to fine powder and searse*
it through Cobweblane* then mingle the su-
ger and brimston well together then take the
yolke of an new layd egge and beat it well
together with .2. or .3. sponfull of redrose-
watter and when it is well beten* then
take as much of the powder as will ly
on a halfe crown peece of silver and min
mingle it with the egge and let the fat
man or woman drinke it for 20ti* days
together and take coltsfoot leavs* and
and put as much of that powder into
a draught of posset drinke as will lye
on a sixpence and mingle it with the
posset drinke and so drinke it at night
when you goe to bed probatum est*

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN