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Image 251, seventh book, folio 133a, two unnumbered receipts

.fo. 133.
A salve very rare for any sore
or hott swellinge
Take a pound of read lead very finely beatten to
powder and a pint and a halfe of very good sallet
oyle mingle and stire them very well together before
you sett it one the fire, then set it one a saft fier* in
a skillet or a panne for the purpose which is twise soe
bige as the quantity of the stufe therein contained
for that it will rise then let it heate softly untill such
time as it doth begine to simper* and then take it
of, and be very sure you doe allwayes stire it both
on the fire and of* the fire for otherewayes** it will
burne low and be worth nothing, then try whe-
ther it be good or have his full body,take a rage* or
a cloth and put into it and when it doth waxe a
little cold you may smothe it with your finger
and none will stike on your finger nor kake* upon
the slouts* when it is cold but be smoth and gentle
then it is good, otherwayes if it do crake you must
put more oyle into it and heate it a little and stire
it together and if it be too thine then put in more
red lead and so stire it together, and to make it
the better you may put some capons grease or du
duxe grease and stire it well together, you must
remember to make it up in warme watter
A most excelent oyntment
for an itch or tetter* or any
such Leprosie & more Learn-
ed of Doctor Kinge
a pound
Take an ounce and a halfe of Leatherg* of gould
and halfe a pint of good sallet oyle and halfe
a pinte of white wine vinneger and beat
the Letherge in a mortter and ever and anon
put in a spunfull of vinneger and beat them
together and then a spunfull of oyle and still
pound them till all the oyle and vinneger be
in and then it will be a fine white oyntment
and if you beat a little oringe flower butter
or gessimon* butter it with it, it will make it
smell the better

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Transcribed by CTW and JMCN