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Image 250, seventh book, folio 132b, 2 unnumbered receipts

A very good watter to
wash face and hands.
Take a quarte* of milke and let it stand tow**
dayes then take of the creame as clean as
you cane* then pill** a lemon and slice it very
thine and put into the milke and let it
boyle on a fire and it will turne to some
curds if you stire it together then straine
it into a glase botle when it is could* put
in a quarter of a pint of right* Shery sack**
and tow penyworth* of aquavitie* a quarter of
a pint of rose watter, and for frekles or morphew*
ade* a quarter of a pint of whitwine vinneger
and so wash evening and morning
A good drinke for the heat of
the liver and lights* and lounges**,
and to cumforte all the vitall
Take three gallons of milke whott* from the Cow,
sorrell*, sinkefeild, strawberie leaves, plantine
leaves, Cullumbine leaves, fennill, burage, sweet
margerom, saxafrage, als meade, parseley, and
rosemary, take of each of these hearbs as much
as you can graspe between both your hands ex-
cept of the rosmarye and of it a handfull, take
alsoe three ownces of good licorishe, three ownces
of colleander seede one ownce of cloves and mace,
two ownces of very good nutmegges, bruse* the
saide hearbs in a morter, and pound the said
spices and seeds in a morter, and then mingle
the spices hearbs and seeds and milke all together
and then still* it in a still all together and not
in a limbecke* and stire it a bout in the still
once or twice before it be throughlye* stilled.
drinke of the watter thereof morning and
eveninge a reasonable draught hott or cold
with a little sugar.

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Transcribed by KW and YR