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Image 249, seventh book, folio 132a, 2 unnumbered receipts

A very good sercloth* for weak- fo.132
nesse in the backe or any weaknesse
in ioynts* or for the gout or any
swelling what so ever
Take a pennyworth of ordinary turpintine a quarter
of a pound of white franckencence* melt these both
together in a pipkine* and then straine them into
a red pipkine well nealed* then put an ounce and
a halfe of beese waxe. halfe a drame* of saforne* finly
powdered, a quarter of an ounce of masticke* sicx**
penyworth of oyle of cloves, tow* penyworth of
oyle of mace*, an ounce of burgony pitch* a very
good oylly nuttmeg beaten very small, boyle all
these together a quarter of an houre on a gentle fire
and when it is prety could* spread it on the
fleshie side of a peece of lether for a searcloth.
when you use the watter and oyntment for the
itch ore leaprosie you must lay one of the
sercloths above writen on the back of the infect-
ed party ether of itch or leprosie and let them
drinke every morning a wine glasefull of disstild*
scurvy grase* watter
A very good watter for
a tetter*
Take tow good handfulls of herbegrace*, and three
ounces of greene copperise* boyle it in a quarte*
of runing watter till the third part be consu-
med then straine it into a glase botle and
keep it for your use when you use it poore
out a spoonfull or tow in to some thinge
and so wash it with a rage* very warme

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Transcribed by YR and KW