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Image 248, seventh book, folio 131b, two unnumbered receipts.

A receite* to make a cake
learned of my Lady Blooder*
Take .8. pound of flower* and .2. pound of butter
the sweet Butter and a quart* of good creame o0o**
and .2. nutmegs o0o first breake the butter well into the flower with
and some cloves your fingers and then poore in the creame being
and mace beaten redy to
mingle these spices first boyle then knead it very well and pull it
and a litle salt wth in peeces and knead it a gaine* then let it stand
the flower warme covered by the fier till the oven be through
warme then take and knede in to yet* a pound and
and then put in half of biskett cumfits* and a pound and a quarter
a pint of good alle* of carraway cumfits and worke them well into
barme* some call the dowe** by kneading and so make it up into
it est eist* the fashon of a bune** longe that is longe and
when you put it into the Oven it must be cutt
in and out on the tope and washed with some
rose watter and strewed thicke with som of
the cumfits and let it bake, .3. quarters of an oure*
will bake it if the oven be carefully heate
A watter for the leprosie
Take .2. or .3. good handfulls of red docke roots and
as many ellicompaine* roots, boyle them in tow**
gallons or somwhat more of cundite* watter put
in to the water with the the roots a good bundle
of rewe* otherways called hearbgrace* when
the roots are boyled very tender then take
them out of the watter and throw a way
the rewe, put the roots being made in to pape*
into a frying pane* with near halfe a pound
of barrowhogs* greace and so stire it to a
salve*, then washe the infected places with the
watter the roots and rew were boyled in, and
a-noint the places with the oyntment by the
fire and shift* not your linine* shirt ore smock
while you us* it. it is excellen for any itch also

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Transcribed by KW and YR