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Image 247, seventh book, folio 131a, 3 unnumbered receipts

For a could or cough fo. 131.
Take 4 penne worth* of Elicompaine* well powdered and
and wel-sifted and then mixe it with an equall quantetie
of life* Hony and take A reasonable quantetie of it with
a liqorish* sticke night and morning. probatum est*
An approved Remidey for one in a
Take a Calves gether* picke and drye it very cleane from
the bloud cutt it into bitts. with 3 quarts* of red Cowes
milke. one handfull of Scabiouse* one handfull of figs of Jerusalem*
one ounce of Annyseeds* brused*, still* these together and drinke
of it every morning and evening a wine glasefull with a
sponefull of red rose watter and sweeten it with good suger
To make a salve for a greene Wounde*
or for a broose*
4 ounce : of Bees wax
4 ounces of rossin*
4 ounces of deare suett
4 ounces of Barrowes grease*
8 ounces of Oyle of Bayes*
6 sponfull of turpentine
10 ounces of dealthea*
Take youre : Bees wax : and your Rossen* and melt them
over a softe fier next put in the dears Suet and dissolve
that, then put in the rest of the ingreadientes and dissolve
them alltogether over a soft fire, and when they are dis-
solved Straine them through A cleane Cloth into a gal-
ley pott* and keep it for your usse:
slice your Bees wax very small
and pound your Rossen in a morter :

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Transcribed by YR and KW