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Image 245, seventh book, folio 130a, 12 unnumbered receipts.

For a consumption fo. 130.
Steepe* currince* in muscadine* and take of them in the
To cure ye risinge* of the mother*.
Lett her drink a good draught of runninge water.
To cure an ague*.
Take 9 spoonefulls of red rose water with sugar before
the fitt for 3 fitts.
To make one yonge* and to pserve
from all infection
Take some myrre* often and hold it in your mouth.
In convulsions, use for one thats above 20* a spoonefull
of spiritt of castor* inward and rub his nose and lipps
with it, the next time syr garyoph* and other waters
For an itch that is dry watery.
Unguentum Neopolitanus* is very good. for a dry one
Unguentum Catapsoras* is best
Camphire* burned in water untill it bee con-
-sumed and soe a draught of it taken in a fitt
of an ague, or in a fitt of any disease.
Burne sulphur and quench it in water makes an
oyle uppon the water, as if it were bath water
may bee as effectuall.
Orange flower water will take away any frecl
freckles whatsoever from the face, if it be often
In a lethergie* runne into the nostrill a feather
a greate way.
Dr. Lapworth in reume* of the eyes
and head.
Take Betony* in May anddry and dry them out of
the sunne and put to every 2 part one of sugar
and bake it in a pot gally pot* of this take the
quantity of a nutmegg every morninge, and it
will cause rume to runne out of the nose.

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Transcribed by YR and KW