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Image 244, seventh book, folio 130b, 9 unnumbered receipts.

When any part of the head akes apply
leeches thereto.
Oleum succini* to bee given inward ij dropps in a little bit of
bread, and soe are all chymicall oyles to bee given if they bee
loathsome to bee given otherwise.
To cure drynes* and Thirstines** & to get
a stomack*.
Take a good draught of fletten* milk every morninge
and soe once or twise a day a draught.
To kepe one from the stone* after
Dr Butchers advise is to take
a good draught of smale beere* every
morninge fastinge.
To cure any thirst in fevers is to make a posset* of
the juice of housleeke*.
To cure the stone* or gravell* in the
??? kidnes*
Take a pinte of milke and boyle it, and take the creame
from the top, then put to it when it is lukewarme, 4
or 5 spoonefulls of the best florentine oyle* and drinke
it of all if you can.
The Lady Stonehouse for a whitloe*.
Take some rue* and grounsell* and the kernells of hasell**
nutts and boyle them in barrows grease, to the consistency
of a pultesse*, and renue** it, at first a daye it drawes the
best of any thinge that ever was knowne.
To cure Agues*.
Make a posset* of mustard and pepper and give it
before the fitt, and let the party sweate.
To cure the black Jaundyes*
Take a good draught of the blood of a deere, warme
as the deere is killed, the oftner you take it the

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