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Image 243, seventh book, folio 129a, eight unnumbered receipts

Certayne recipes taken out of a manscript
made by Dr Mayerne* and Others
To make a cocke water for a consumption
Take a cocke and flay him, c cutting of his head, and feete, and take
out the guts, and slice him in peices, then put to him a quart of sacke*
a pottle of redd cowes milke, a pound of currente, and soe much raysenge*
of the sunne stoned of China ij ounces of dates a quarter of a pound of harte
horne* iiij ounces, of pimpinell**, violets, borage, rosemary of each one handfull
of mace a few blades of cinamon a stick or two, a crust of bread after
distillation of white sugar candy a quarter of a pound, distill this in a
comon still, let the still bee well luted* with past**, keepe the first pinte
by it selfe, and 2 pintes after by them selves, and noe more, put a
spoonfull of the strongest, and 2 of the weakest every morninge.
To make an excellent sort of Juice[?] of liquorish
Liquor: iiij ounces boyle it in hysopp* water and coltsfoote* a ij ounces
to a body then instill spirit of sulphur .gr. 20.
My Lady Chambers* playster for a bruise
wch* workes strange effects
Of Picis Burgund* iiij ounces of cera alba* ij ounces of Thuris* opt*
j ounce [???] ad emplast.
For the goute
Take sperme of Froggs and lay it under ground a good
while then distill it and apply it to the part.
To dissolve the stone in the bladder yt came from
the bladder take iuice* of Oranges 3 dayes
For flushings or any heate in the hands or feete
take oatemeal and steepe it in viniger and
soe apply it to the part.
A cordiall to gett one a good stomack
Take a bottle of the best white muscadell and steepe in it
an ounce of dried redd clour*, gilliflower and draine a glasse
at morninge, befor dinner, and before supper.
To cure agues
Put a handfull of hopps in a pottle of smale beere and boyle
it well, and let the party drinke of it in his fitt

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Transcribed by SAW and SW