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Image 242, seventh book, folio 128b, two unnumbered receipts

An excellent salve for all sores and
for Swellings learned of goodman Lee
Take halfe a pound of Bees waxe, halfe a
pound of mutton suett, half a pound of
Rosin*; Neates foot oyle one pint turpintine**
one pennyworth, vardigreese* one peniworth
boyle these altogether except the turpintine *
and that must be put in last
A not how to stewe oysters
from Mrs Lenthall*
Take a potien* of oysters and wash them in there
on likquer* then straine the lickor* and put
in your oysters into the same licquerre* againe
and put to it a pinte of white wine & a bunch
of sweete herbs and to 2 whole onions pepper a
good quantity, whole mace, and a quarter of a pound
of sweet butter*, set all these uppon a soft fire and
so let them stew till they be enough, when you serve
serve them to the table poure the lickour* from them
cleane then get your butter very thicke and poure
upon them and serve them to the table
you must take a pound of butter and sett it
one the hottest place on the fire and put to
Take .4. or. so. spoonfulls of the same liquer* and
put into the butter and so stire it well together
when it is allmost melted take it of the fire
and beat it well together and it will be thicke
and so you may keep it candle warme till
you have use for it.
you may keep the liquer you take from
the oysters .2.or.3. days and it will make
good sause* for other meat as mutton or what
you please

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