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Image 241, seventh book, folio 128a, three unnumbered receipts

An excelent receit for the tisick*[*]
and cough .fo.128
Take halfe a pound of the best blew figgs and
slice them thine* and put them into a morter
? spoonful or tow of the best sallet oyle
you can get and pound them well together
then take tow ounces of surrupe* of Cooltsfoot**
and tow ounces of sugger candy and beat it
all well together and so keepe it for your
use you must take as much as a small
wallnut at night when you goe to bedd
and as much in the morning
An aproved medison* for
a spraine
Take the white of an egge ? and turpintin*
and oyle of rosses ? of ? each a quanitie* and beat them
well together then take some tow* and make a plas-
ter with it and spred the likquid things on the
towe and so laye it to the sore but you must set
it before the fier to take away the extream coold
and so lay it to the spraine
An excelent sercloth* to Laye
to the spraine after the
poultise afer mentioned
Take a little that is a penyworth of
poumpillion* and as much diapasrery* and
a little red lead and boyle it a little over the
fire and make a sercloth and lay it one

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