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Image 240, seventh book, folio 126b, three unnumbered receipts.

My lady windoms A poultise for all sorts of
receit Impostumations* and
Take hollihock leaves, Mallow leaves, sage, groun-
sell, Docke leaves, ground Ive*, of each a like chope
the herbs and boyle them in milke with as much
oatemeale as will thicken it, and when it is boyled
and so use it as enough moysten it with mutton suet finely shred
warm as it may you must not put in the Ive leaves till
be indured the Impostham* or ulcer be broken
An excelent sweet bagg
learned of Mrs Duke
Take a peck of Damaske rose buddes
picke them leafe by leafe and sift the
seeds cleane out: put them into a wide
mouthed glasse of .4. gallons : and strew
in amongst them .3. ounces of cloves
brused between tow* papers and 2 ounces
of nuttmegs brused in the same manner
the paring of an Orange and a lemmon
cut in short peeces. then cover the glasse
close with leather round about: and
sett it in the sunne, stirring it often every day
untill it be drye: And then put into it .4. ounces
of the best damaske pouder and then put it in
your baggs
Sackrifrax* nine handfulls
For the Stone Goulden Rodd nine handfulls
parsley nine handfulls
horse Radishe nine Great Roots
2 bunches of ordinarye Radishe

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Transcribed by LF and JW