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Image 239, seventh book, folio 126a, three unnumbered receipts

An aproved medison for .fo.126.
to bring down the desiered sicknesse
to a woman
Take a sheet or tow sheets of white paper the finest you can
get but first take a pinte of Milke as it coms from the cow
and set it a sowring* a day ot tow then cut your
paper in small bitts and put it in the milke and
boyle it till it be halfe consumed I meane the
milke and then drinke it paper and all fasting
in the morning and walke a while after it
An excelent receite for the runing
of the reighns* and to strenthen
the body learned of
Collanell Welbe*
Take pearle, Amber, grated nutmeggs, turpentine
washed with red rose watter, made up with a little
sugar into pills so bigge as one may swallow and
so take three at a every morning, after which
drinke a quarter of a pinte of new milke, even-
ing and morninge,
An excelent purg learned of a
french phisition
Take a quarter of a pinte of plantine* Watter and a
quarter of an ownce of the best rewbarbe and the
iuce* of an oring**, put the rubarb being cut in peeces
into the plantin watter with the iuce of the oringe
and let it stand steeping all night and in the
morning poure out the licker clere from the drugs*
and put in an ounce of Surrup of Succory* and
so drinke it a little warmed and 2 hours after a
draught of cleare possett drinke.

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